Ultrasound Training

Axess Ultrasound offers courses to increase the capabilities of in-house staff to maintain ultrasound units. Training courses are taught by seasoned field engineers who focus on building hands-on skills.

Ultrasound Training Courses

All of our instructors have OEM qualifications, and our class sizes are strategically coordinated so that each attendee will return with the most amount of hands-on experience. All courses include the following topics:

  • System Operation
  • Disassembly/Reassembly of machines
  • Common failures
  • Software Reloads (when applicable)

Our courses are designed to increase the capabilities of clinical engineers in order to maintain ultrasound units. Skills obtained through equipment interaction include repair, part replacement, and performance assurance.

Each attendee will return with a personal copy of training material and a certificate of achievement. The tools learned from this course help technicians become more successful while interfacing with customers.

See the schedule of courses for more information.

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How are Axess Ultrasound classes different?

View a class outline and read about our training philosophy.

Axess University

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We offer courses in:

  • iU22 / iE33
  • Basic Ultrasound Now Offered Online
  • GE Logiq 9 / Vivid 7
  • HP 4500/5500/7500
  • HDI 3500/5000
  • Sequoia
  • GE Voluson
  • Antares

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What customers say about our training classes...

“This course, conducted by Hobie Sears, was much better than the OEM training. I rate the training by Axess "A+"!"

Daniel Mihal
Franciscan Physican's Hospital of Munster, IN

“I just came back from your Sequoia training class and I felt it important to drop you a line letting you know my thoughts on my experience.

The class was taught from a real world standpoint, not just a presenter reading and elaborating on and from a manual. Real hands on troubleshooting, not just taking apart and putting back together.

You don't just get the certificate because you can fog a mirror... you need to earn it, a real test! If you are looking to further your skill set, I would strongly recommend classes from Axess!”

Michael Langlois
Service Engineer