Ultrasound Probes - TEE Probe Repair

You would not go to a foot doctor to treat your heart problem. When critical problems arise, your best chance of avoiding unnecessary costs, obstacles and further heartache (no pun intended) is to turn to a true specialist — someone who has demonstrated extensive expertise and knows their subject like the back of their hands. Someone like the proven technicians at Specialized Technologies, a company whose focus is entirely on TEE probes and TEE probe repair.

As your TEE probes fail, you can recover proper function without the price tag of a brand new replacement by letting Specialized Technologies evaluate and repair your TEE probes.

Since 2001, Specialized Technologies has earned the trust of satisfied customers by servicing highly-specialized Transesophageal probes from GE, HP - Agilent, Philips and Siemens/Acuson. As a pioneer in TEE repair, Specialized Technologies has also earned a reputation as a trusted provider for its commitment to first-rate quality, service and expertise.

Free Evaluation: Any Brand

Let us evaluate your transducer probe(s) and recommend the most cost-effective course of action so you can make the decision that’s right for your organization. Evaluation is complimentary as part of your repair. Call us at 1-800-201-2187 for your evaluation.

Quick Repair

By completing most TEE probe repairs in 7 to 13 working days, we help you minimize the downtime of your equipment and operations. Additionally, our central location in Tulsa, OK, enables us to ship overnight to most U.S. locations.

30–90 Day Warranty:

We are committed to excellence in all we do. We stand behind our work and are glad to offer you a 90-day warranty on Siemens, Acuson, and Philips probes, and 30-day warranty for all pediatric and GE probes. (Warranties exclude probe abuse.)

TEE probe repair is available on the following models:

HP / Philips

  • 21364A
  • 21367A
  • 21369A
  • 21378A
  • 21378A (S7-2)
  • 21381A - Pediatric
  • S7-3t - Pediatric

Siemens Acuson

  • V5Ms
  • V5M
  • V7M - Pediatric


  • 6T
  • 6TV
  • 6TRS

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You do not want to find yourself in a situation with failing or out-of-commission ultrasound probes. The ultrasound probe repair professionals at Specialized Technologies will ensure that your equipment is in working order every time you go to use it. Contact us today for a free evaluation of the current condition of your TEE probes.