Ultrasound Probes

Axess Ultrasound carries ultrasound probes from all major manufacturers.

Probes are easily damaged even during normal daily use, and when a probe is broken, your scanning capabilities suffer and patient satisfaction is at risk. Axess Ultrasound drives patient outcomes by getting you up and running faster.

Extensive ultrasound probes inventory

Offering real-time pricing and availability information on all transducers, Axess Ultrasound probes are in stock, not sourced, and can be shipped immediately.

Probe Diagnostics

Every Axess Ultrasound service professional is equipped with high-speed, world-class troubleshooting tools, giving customers immediate diagnosis and cause-analysis of probe performance issues. Highly-trained technical professionals identify key indicators of probe-related problems, oftentimes before image quality is affected. These detection capabilities generate faster repair turnaround and prevent potential future failures for clinicians.

Probe repair

Probe repair can be a cost-effective alternative to replacement. Experts in our accredited probe repair center evaluate and repair defective transducers -- for a fraction of the price of a new probe.

Axess Ultrasound also offers free loaners during probe repairs, which is evidence of our commitment to support continual patient care.

Ultrasound Transmission Gel

ultrasound gel

We carry ultrasound transmission gel for your probes.

Case of twelve .25 liter bottles: $22.00
5 liter refill container with .25 liter bottle: $15.00

To order, call 1-855-242-9377 or fax in the ultrasound gel order form.

Probe pricing and availability



Large inventory of probes from the following manufacturers:

  • GE
  • Philips
  • HP
  • ATL
  • Siemens
  • B&K
  • SonoSite
  • Biosound

What customers say...

“I was so impressed with their price, timeliness, and service support that I called them again when I needed an additional probe for my other system. Axess Ultrasound understands my need for uninterrupted patient care, and did everything to ensure I could continue to service my customers.”

Dr. Richard Rosemond,
Athens Maternal-Fetal Medicine