TEE Probe Repair and Service

Transesophageal echocardiogram (TEE) probes are used to provide specific cardiac interpretation. This means TEE probe damage requires immediate attention. Let our TEE ultrasound probe repair and TEE probe replacement experts restore your TEE probe to its original state, saving you the cost to replace.

More than 13 years in the transesophageal probes repair service industry – primarily HP, Agilent, Phillips, Acuson and Siemens models – have earned us a reputation for high-quality repairs among our many trusted and satisfied customers. Evaluations of your TEE probe(s) by our expert staff will generate long-term maintenance solutions that help you avoid the expense of TEE probe replacement.

TEE Probe Warranty

We are committed to excellence in all we do. We stand behind our work and are glad to offer you a 90-day warranty on Siemens, Acuson, and Philips probes, and a 30-day warranty for all pediatric and GE probes. (Warranties exclude probe abuse.)

TEE probe repairs are offered on the following:


  • 6T
  • 6TV
  • 6T-RS
  • 6Tc



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Want to learn more about proper ultrasound probe care? Download our Ultrasound Probe Care & Preventive Maintenance white paper.