Ultrasound Probe Repair and Service

Axess Ultrasound knows ultrasound transducer and probes are a vital piece of equipment for patient diagnosis. Axess Ultrasound guarantees damaged ultrasound probes are repaired to their original state so desired patient outcomes are achieved with each use. Proper ultrasound transducer / probe maintenance and repair are great alternatives to the high price associated with replacement ultrasound probes.

If you have ultrasound probe damage or transducer damage, the Axess Ultrasound probe repair and service team can get you up and running again. Every Axess Ultrasound service professional has access to high-speed, world-class troubleshooting tools, giving customers accurate diagnosis and cause-analysis of probe performance issues. Highly-trained technical professionals identify key indicators of probe-related problems, often before image quality is affected. These detection capabilities generate faster ultrasound transducer repair turnaround and prevent potential future failures for clinicians.

General imaging and TEE probe repairs are offered on the following manufacturers:

  • GE
  • HP/Philips
  • Siemens/Acuson
  • ATL
  • SonoSite
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Want to learn more about proper ultrasound probe care? Download our Ultrasound Probe Care & Preventive Maintenance white paper.