Ultrasound Probe Preventive Maintenance

Reduce your ultrasound probe repair expenditures

Ultrasound transducer maintenance is crucial to maximize the life expectancy of your ultrasound probe inventory.

This starts with a free consultation and on-site ultrasound probe inspections and testing of a select group of your critical ultrasound probes. The results of this initial consultation establish the best preventive maintenance, repair and planned replacement strategies to meet your ultrasound probe life cycle goals. Probe P.R.E.P. is not a one-time examination of your ultrasound probe inventory but rather an ongoing educational process to provide you with the training to maximize the life expectancy for each one of your ultrasound probes.
That might sound contradictory, but the goal of Probe P.R.E.P. is for you to rely on us less for your ultrasound probe repairs. We want to help you learn to identify defects before they escalate to major probe repairs, saving you thousands of dollars in ultrasound probe expenditures. We have found that expenditures can be reduced by as much as 50% with this proactive ultrasound probe management approach. 
Start reducing your ultrasound probe repairs and expenditures by contacting an ultrasound probe specialist at Axess Ultrasound today. 

News on proper ultrasound probe maintenance

What Does P.R.E.P. Represent

This one-of-a-kind probe management solution is focused on preventive maintenance, repair, expert consultation and planned replacement.


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