Ultrasound Probe Repair and Portable System Depot Repair.

Axess Ultrasound is a high quality solution for probe repair, where our expert staff is up to date on the latest technology and repair capabilities for a wide range of general imaging and TEE probes. The Axess Ultrasound probe repair team also goes to great lengths to ensure the safety and quality of each probe repair by implementing a robust testing and evaluation processes that has proven to effectively diagnose the technical issues with a faulty probe. Protect your image ™; it’s the foundation of success at Axess Ultrasound.  

Our team of experts prides itself on research and development to keep up with the latest technology trends in order to offer a wide variety of probe and portable system repairs. 
Axess Ultrasound is headquarted in Indianapolis, IN with a TEE probe repair facility in Tulsa, OK.
We stand behind our core values of Integrity, Creativity, Reverence, Wisdom, Dedication and Service to the Poor.
Axess Ultrasound is a subsidiary of the Medxcel family of health technology service organizations. Medxcel enables healthcare providers to deliver superior patient care while maximizing their health technology assets and minimizing expenses.